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Meet The Maker

Hi. Thanks for letting me share ideas & creativity with you. Lost & Found Design started first with taking things apart and putting them back together again in different ways. I used to take apart old jewelry, collect natural objects by the pocketful, and reassemble things into something not new, but certainly different. I'm sure this habit formed at an early age digging in the ground, picking up rocks and collecting discarded papers or objects considered "junk." 

IMG_9185 3.JPG
I love creating order from chaos, or is it the other way around?


After college, I favored playing outside and in my studio with tangible materials. Graduating with Graphic design & Illustration degrees from the University of Kansas, I gravitated to hand drawn or painted surfaces, textures, layers or anything that felt real to me. In this messy but organized chaos, I found nature's patterns inspiring, and above all, wood as a material of choice. I used wood surfaces for collage, mixed-media artwork, then wood to cut and mark into, and eventually wood to laser cut and engrave.


I've never really stopped the habits I had when I was young. I just kept reworking and editing them into my work. Each experience creating a new explorative addiction to wander into like some mysterious, new world. Nature's gifts of wood, metal, and stone are the materials I use today - hammering, painting, assembling, and connecting each part in my playful Lost & Found way. Each part a little lost, each part a little more found, and with each piece I make, I hope you are able to explore with me.

Thank you,
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